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    Chris Baldwin, PhD

    Founder & Trainer

    I have the experience, passion, drive and persistence you need in a founder, trainer and coach to guide you on your journey to success and happiness. Find out more at www.ChrisBaldwin.nl

    Marcel Van Oers


    I specialize in helping Business Owners, Sales Executives and Direct Sales Professionals become better story tellers, persuaders and better “Closers”. Find out more at www.marcelvanoers.nl

    Ronald Bogaerds


    I share my knowledge & experience in the field of marketing, sales & partnerships to inspire you to create exceptional growth with a just do mentality. Find out more at www.salesacademy.nl

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    Educate to Innovate

    Organizations need entrepreneurs who dare to challenge the complex quests of our world. STUDIO.WHY equips talents with a mindset to drive innovation and change with sustainable impact. We train people and organizations towards an entrepreneurial mindset. https://www.studiowhy.com/

  • Our Partners

    Partners help us scale impact


    We grow digital agencies

    Helping agency founders innovate, grow & scale their digital agencies. We believe that people grow organisations and effective communication is the foundation. We train your key communicators to build stronger relationships and teams and win you more business. https://www.10xdigital.nl/

    Van Oers Training Group

    Master the mindset of sales

    Training & Coaching Companies and their SalesProfessionals on how to increase revenue. Transforming “Cross your Fingers Sales Strategies” into predictable and scalable results is something that has nothing to do with The Product, The Territory or even The Theoretical Process. We believe it’s all about Attitude & Mindset in combination with a Powerful Skill set that enables your Salesforce to achieve the results you're after. https://www.marcelvanoers.com


    Boost your marketing & sales performance

    Learn the latest sales tactics, tips, and strategies from our sales experts and find sales techniques you can use in your business. Learn how to grow your pipeline, improve your communication skills, identify quality prospects and increase your results. We help you to design your sales and marketing process. We take your results to the next level. https://salesacademy.nl/


    Webinar HD

    Video communication available to everyone!

    Making live and on-demand video communication available to everyone! Enabling both seasoned professionals and ordinary people to share their voices online through a controlled video communication platform. http://WebinarHD.com

    Corporate Unplugged

    Find your corporate soul and transform your business

    I help companies and organisations find and define their corporate soul and transform their business – through clarity, ideas that last and communication. I help them become a sustainable, successful brand that people love and respect – a prerequisite for growth and great impact on people, planet and profit. www.corporateunplugged.com

    Corporate Unplugged - The Podcast

    Listen, get inspired and share!

    The podcast puts the light on impact makers in business. In an informal and seriously playful way, Vesna Lucca is talking to people transforming business – entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and other heroes from the business world, celebrities as well as hidden gems. It is a stripped-down dialogue with people from all over the world who share their dreams, experiences and what they would never give up. Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. www.corporateunplugged.com/podcast

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