• Frequently Asked Questions

    How does 10xSpeaker work?

    • We organise venues through enablers who make available an inspiring space at their company venues.
    • We will organise at least 1 free 10xSpeaker training day per month for at least 20 participants (more if possible).
    • Spaces cater for at least 20 people. More is possible with larger spaces and more trainers.
    • Enablers are allowed to open the day with an inspirational and visionary message to the group.
    • Enablers may have up to 25% of group filled with own employees if they sponsor food & drinks.
    • All remaining spots are open to members and public and anyone can apply and attend. They are free of charge.
    • There is ongoing support, courses and trainings enabled by our community and partners and discounted via membership.
  • Participants


    Why is this Free?

    Because it is a way for speakers, professional trainers and organisations to give back and build new relationships. They gladly offer their time, space and expertise to do this for free. The relationships they build may and often do lead to new opportunities. They understand that if they are good, their time, space and expertise will be in high demand and you may want to work with them at a later stage.

    What can I expect to learn?

    • How to overcome & embrace the fear of public speaking

    • Advanced techniques the pros use to present without slides

    • Storytelling and how to craft a story that influences behaviour

    • Creating and delivering a short keynote, TED talk or pitch

    • Practical communication tips you can use at work and home

    What are results I can expect to achieve?

    • Being a more confident presenter & public speaker

    • Acquire more influence with meetings and presentations

    • Winning more business opportunities and sales pitches

    • Improved relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family

    Who pays for lunch, refreshments and drinks?

    In most cases it is catered for by the enabler or sponsoring partner. In the case it is not, it's up to the individuals in the group to contribute 10 euros each. In the case you really can't afford it, 10xSpeaker will cover your 10 euro contribution.

    What if I can't make it last minute?

    We have a waiting list, so please let us know asap via the contact form on this website and make someone else happy.

    When is the next available training day?

    We will announce these on the website and through email and social media. Depending on availability, you will be assigned a training day based on your needs, requirements and availability.

    How often are 10xSpeaker trainings offered?

    We will try to do them regularly and start with a rate of 1-2 a month in the Netherlands. The demand will drive the supply.

    Can I bring a friend or colleague with me?

    Yes, but they will need to signup like you did. You will have room to leave a note on your specific requirements and wishes to train with a particular person or on a certain day. We will try to cater for your wishes and contact you if we have any questions.

    Do you offer more advanced trainings?

    Yes, please contact us. Our partners offer level up and specialized courses and custom trainings. Let us know if you have any specific requirements via the contact for in this website.

    Can I use 10xSpeaker to learn more about a company and get a job there?

    Yes. It is your chance to attend, acquire communication skills and meet people within that company and score an interview or maybe even a job. During the day training you will have a chance to work with people in that company, show your skills and build meaningful relationships.

    I am a student. Can I apply?

    Yes. You are welcome and highly encouraged to join. This maybe one of the best trainings you ever do.

    Where are these free training days offered?

    Currently, we are focused on a launch of 10xSpeaker in the Netherlands. So training days are currently only available in the Netherlands. In the future it is possible we will expand to other countries if there is demand. So reach out and let us know your needs.

  • Enablers


    Would you consider giving this training to my organisation?

    Yes. And we can customise it to fit your needs and strategic objectives or fit within the context of your learning and development program. For this there is a financial contribution. Lets connect and discuss the opportunity.

    As an organisation, can we have the free training day?

    Yes. But you will either need to become an enabler and have right to a maximum of 5 participants as a sponsor or send your employees to training days at other events enabled by other organisations.

    As a school or university, may I also facilitate a free training day?

    Yes. Let’s discuss. We may have other enablers, sponsors, partners and even old participants in the community ready to sponsor free training days for young talent at schools and universities.

    What is the value for enablers?

    • You get to showcase your company, vision, workplace to potential new talent, partners, trainers and coaches.
    • You get to meet and see this talent in action and participate yourself.
    • If desired, we can match talent in your industry to attend your event. So this can also work as a meet & great for talent acquisition.
    • You get to enable a group of ambitious people to improve their communication skills and share in our mission and vision.
    • You get to empower a number of your own employees through participation in the training by professional trainers and coaches.
    • If desired, you get to tell your story through an interview with the founder of 10xSpeaker, which will generate content for blogs, videos and podcast to share on social media and help spread your stories. Our community will help to promote this content.
  • Trainers


    I am starting out as a speaker. Can I apply to become a 10xSpeaker trainer?

    Yes. Please get in touch. This maybe your chance to practice, build your network and connect with enablers, participants, partners and companies that may drive opportunity and business for you.

    I am an experience speaker. Is there value for me?

    Absolutely. We have developed a 10xSpeaker style which you will learn from and adapt components into your own style. Plus we get to meet and grow our networks and drive more opportunity for each other. This is also an open door for you into a company that may drive future business for you. You may also want to become a 10xSpeaker trainer, coach, mentor and partner yourself in time.

    Are trainers paid?

    The trainers and enablers are unpaid and do this purely to give back and build new relationships with the group and community. The relationships built on this day may lead to new opportunities for the trainers, enablers, partners and participants. 10xSpeaker provides a platform for trainers to practice and create new opportunities.

  • Partners


    As a partner, may we sponsor your free training day?

    Yes. Let’s discuss and help you get more visibility to a very targeted audience of ambitious people.

    As a partner, can you help me growth my business?

    Yes. Our mission is to Awake the Speaker in our participants. We work with you to further ignite the speaker in them and further their learning and development. For this we work together. We don't compete with each other. We enhance each other.

    What is the value for partners?

    • We help our partners grow by driving business their way through connections and referrals.
    • Partners may sponsor events and contribute trainers and relevant curriculum.
    • We connect partners with other partners, participants and enablers and drive opportunity.
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