A goal without a plan is just a wish so let's plan for success

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My closing remarks to you & how I ended the keynote!

You watched fragments of a keynote I delivered in Amsterdam during this course. Watch now how I close it with clear objectives and a message to you!


Lesson 1 4 things that will transform your speaking forever.

Lesson 2 The #1 thing I learned at 42 that changed my life forever.

Lesson 3 My promise to you if you promise this one thing to me.

Lesson 4 4 things you need to know to overcome stage fright forever.

Lesson 5 Never forget your speech again with this one secret.

Lesson 6 Here is speech crafting that will crush your competition.

Lesson 7 Here is the secret to becoming charismatic on stage.

Lesson 8 The secret to powerful storytelling that sells.

Lesson 9 The secrets to getting booked repeatedly and paid for it!

Lesson 10 A goal without a plan is just a wish so let's plan for success.


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Here is what our course graduates are saying:

Testimonials from persistent people who graduated the 10xSpeaker online course.

"I am so excited for completing your 10 lessons training course. You opened a big door in my life. I am now able to see clear with regards to public speaking. For a long time, I was searching for techniques and approach into public speaking but yours just stood out. One thing I enjoyed about you is that you poured yourself out.You are really a seasoned teacher. Thank you for impacting my life in this empowering way. Stay blessed."

Mbulelo T.
Course Graduate

"I think the Course in its entirety has been structured & presented extremely well. Although the course was presented digitally, it always appeared like "live" training. The effectiveness of communication between the presenter and me was not compromised. The presenter's communication was extremely clear and it was very simple to grasp the concepts. The content is not complex to understand and is therefore suitable for a wide range of audience. This course has exceeded my expectation and I've been amazed as to how much value it has added to my life."

Sewlall B.
Course Graduate

"The 10 Lesson Course is amazing and one of the best courses that thrilled me excited me and gave me a deep sense of satisfaction as I realized that I can be a charismatic speaker to make a difference in the lives of people for the better and become a highly sought professional speaker for communication and leadership events."

Salim S.
Course Graduate

"I have learned a lot of how to improve myself, confident and how to structure myself before I do start my process of becoming professional speaker."

Sonja M.
Course Graduate

"I really enjoyed the course from start to end. Chris, you are like a magnet, you know how to keep your audience from start to finish. Keep it up."

Mahlomola M.
South Africa

"Hi Chris Thank you so much for the gems of knowledge/skill development packed in these Lessons. I made it to lesson 10 and enjoyed every single one of them. See you soon....I believe this is not the end of our journey."

Priscilla M.
Course Graduate

"All the necessary skills are displayed in a fantastic way. Thank you."

Divna B.
Course Graduate

"Thanks very much Dr Christ Baldwin for the opportunity to learn more on how to become a better speaker these ten lessons they have shaped me more and stretched me more and the technique and methods is the best thanks very much Dr Chris Baldwin i am so much inspired and grateful."

Moss H.
Course Graduate

"These 10 lessons were magnificent to be a better speaker and to be inspired to improve your professional carrier. Thank you Mr. Baldwin"

Arben P.
Course Graduate

"The 10xSpeaker Course is very enlightening and empowering. This provided me the methods and techniques to become a better, confident speaker, which is just a matter of when... I'm excited to speak now and tell my story!"

Mary E.
Course Graduate

"I am a key opinion Leader in Tourism and Transportation. Enjoyed the lessons and shared it with my travel association Members. In June , I will have an on line seminar For those who completed the your course. Skal!"

Robert L.
Course Graduate

"This course is extremely helpful and exceeded all my expectations. The information I got from it would be useful not only in stages, but as well in everyday life. I am absolutely sure, it has already changed me and my understanding of conversational process. Try this course and you would be pleasantly surprised!"

Yurii K.
Course Graduate

"These lessons are great! They are really useful if you are a beginner speaker or an experienced one! Chris makes them fun, short and sweet with all the information you need pack with real examples. Thank you, Chris!"

Dragana P.
Course Graduate

"I loved the course, it helped me to express myself better, not to try and fool people but speak to their heart."

Tanya B.
Course Graduate

"I needed a real practical step by step training for being a public speaker, this course gave me all I needed. Thanks Dr Chris Baldwin."

Mbulelo T.
Course Graduate

"Am a young woman aspiring to to become an entrepreneur and before this course I did not have the confidence to speak boldly in public spaces. I'd always cringe and feel like such a failure. Not only did this course boost my confidence it also improved my communication skills and for this I am thankful to you Chris"

Course Graduate

"Brought awareness and enriched my thoughts and preparations before giving a public speech."

Simba C.
Course Graduate

"My experience with your training is excellent and I have been appointed as the Laison Officer for my company and will be representing my company in the UK in October 2020."

Foday F.
Course Graduate

"It was an excellent course ! Very helpful, full of important details that could lead any person to his goals ! Highly recommended."

Roy M.
Course Graduate

"Many information and clearly explained. Really useful lessons."

Truța A.
Course Graduate

"The course has given me an understanding of how to structure your story line and it was very informative."

Sophia O.
Course Graduate

"I used to have answers for whatever questions asked in a meeting but too shy to share my views but now I can boldly stand up and raise my opinions too because of this course."

Teboho I.
Course Graduate

"Chris’s 10 lesson course is great for those wanting to improve their public speaking and learn to write more compelling speeches. Definitely worth doing!"

Vanessa B.
Course Graduate

"It was a good experience to me that I have learnt many guidelines to become a perfect speaker. Thank a lot sir."

Pallavi S.
Job Title

"The course is really worth a six-figure deal ,very inspiring ,educating and also entertaining. I tag the course 'public speaking at ease'."

Course Graduate

"Great course I do Public speaking, very helpful information for me to structure my talks, I feel i will have more confidence when presenting, as I now have a structure I did not have before. Chris presented each lesson really well, so clear and easy to understand, made it fun as well. Got more from course than I ever expected, thanks again Chris"

Caroline C.
Course Graduate

"This was very informative and lesson 7 & 10 was for me the best and had so made such a big impact to see things from a different perspective. Chris did an amazing work with compiling these lessons! Thanks!"

Romano R.
Course Graduate

"I really appreciated the 10xspeaker course! A great way to work on becoming a better speaker, while only spend half an hour a day."

Laurie M.
Course Graduate

"Well for me it is the structure and the outline that really impact me. You just don't tell a story but it also impacts the audience that listens. This course was so impressive I will recommend it to everyone who does public speaking just to influence and capture their audience. Thank you Chris this was a great course. Kind Regards Pierre"

Pierre G.
Course Graduate

"Hi Chris, I am so happy...it was really good experience. Very helpful and informative.Thank you so much. Stay awesome."

Sneha J.
Course Graduate

"When i started it i never thought it will be that good but after 1st and 2nd Session i was thinking to complete all ten sessions on the same day but only one session was there each day. Also talking to Chris on video call was great. Thank you."

Sahil A.
Course Graduate

"This was a fantastic course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The contend is of high quality and will definitely help me to improve my public speaking. Chris is a great presenter and very inspiring."

Riana B.
Course Graduate

"This course has been fantastic. I enjoyed every lesson as it will help me put together a more cohesive presentation and have the ability to deliver. Thank you for giving of yourself to better those around you. The rule of reciprocity functioning at its best."

Sherril R.
Course Graduate

"For me everything was perfect, the lessons came on time and it had began to be my routine every morning to watch. It is very helpful not just for public speaking but for you to get your point across in an office space where opinions are asked but people often fail to participate because they are scared to speak their minds."

Yanga R.
Course Graduate

"This course is definitely an enlightenment to grow in effective speech and public speaking. How to prepare well and impact your audience in their expected need. Thank you."

Jonathan M.
Course Graduate

"Honestly I got the basic idea of where I stand as a speaker and I also got a crystal clear vision for what are the next steps which I need to take in order to succeed.. It was absolutely incredible, in-fact I honestly believe that the moto of mine gaining something valuable during this training actually got fulfilled, I will highly recommend so many of my peers and friends to take upon this course."

Megha S.
Course Graduate

"Very good course, especially for beginners. An eye opening even for song writers too. So my advice is to include songwriters too, since songs/music is another way of telling stories and influencing behaviours."

Oshunlalu O.
Course Graduate

"I would recommend every body to take this course it will take you to another dimension and give you more wisdom and you will become a better speaker to help others and I want to thank dr Christ Baldwin for his excellence and passion to pass his knowledge to others thank you dr Christ Baldwin"

Course Graduate

"Thanks to the skill of Chris Baldwin, you can easily learn the essential details of a successful presentation and how to become a successful speaker. Thank you"

Divna B.
Course Graduate

"I have learned a lot from all the lessons ,Broad Spectrum Appeal which I have learned from lesson 7 assisted me in identifying myself that actually all of my speeches were merely auditory language so I have learned to use charismatic pattern and hopefully I will become charismatic on stage and demonstrate all the key points I have learned from these lessons,I am so greatful Chris"

Nomsombuluko E.
Course Graduate

"The course material were straight forward and not complicated, most of all, easy to understand. All subject matter were simplistically laid out and well represented, clear and precise execution."

Ashley D.
Course Graduate

"By attending the ten online classes was very informative and learned the tips how to build a strong structure to speak in public or do presentation for your future career. This learning opportunity will be a positive aspect in my resume."

Kumuthini P.
Course Graduate

"All the necessary information is presented skillfully, in reasonable and logical way. I even have made some useful notes, hope to use them in future. Thank you for being so sincere and helpful. Even within on-line course one could feel the energy and great desire of the teacher to make the information understandable and help students to become more qualified, skilled, confident and powerful speakers."

Oksana P.
Course Graduate