Learn the art of powerful storytelling that sells


Watch me share an origin story

Here is one on my origin stories on why I do what I do. It sells the idea I am about to share. Can you identify the establishing frame, the event, the adaptation and the result? Can you identify some points I made while sharing this story?


Lesson 1 4 things that will transform your speaking.

Lesson 2 The #1 thing I learned at 42 that took me to the stage.

Lesson 3 My promise to you if you promise this one thing to me.

Lesson 4 4 things you need to know to overcome stage fright.

Lesson 5 Never forget your speech again with this technique.

Lesson 6 Here is speech crafting that will crush your competition.

Lesson 7 Here is the secret to becoming charismatic on stage.

Lesson 8 Learn the art of powerful storytelling that sells.

Lesson 9 The secrets to getting booked repeatedly and paid for it!

Lesson 10 A goal without a plan is just a wish so let's plan for success.