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    Awake the speaker in you and one million people on this planet.


    Why we do it.

    Your membership goes into growing and nurturing a community and movement. Enabling anyone in the world the opportunity to learn how to speak and communicate more effectively for free. It will enable the community to grow and reach more people across the world and venture into schools, universities and educational systems without commercial intent to teach effective communication skills that will result in better career opportunities, growth, success and happiness for those involved and everyone they touch.

    What you get.

    It will also give you access to a platform you can participate on. A community of like minded people, and opportunities to forge meaningful connections leading to new friendships, new business and both personal and business growth.

  • How this works

  • Our Memberships

    What you get

    Heavily discounted level-up programs (see below)

    Full access to member benefits (see below)

    Your 1st level-up program per year is free

    General Membership

    Available to anyone, anytime, anywhere


    597- EUR per year *

    Founders Membership

    Only available for limited time

    Only available to participants on free training days

    197- EUR per year *

    * Conditions:

    Membership price may increase at any time without notice.

    Membership prices excludes 21% tax for European community members.

    Any questions about membership? Contact us.

  • Benefits for Members

    Without Membership

    • Repeat training day visits at 97- EUR
    • Pay full price for level-up programs
    • No access to member content & groups

    With Membership

    • Free access to 10xSpeaker training days
    • Heavily discounted level-up programs (up to 75%)
    • Your 1st level-up program per year is free
    • Access to member content & groups
    • Access to trainers, coaches & mentors
    • Access like minded people, networking opportunities
    • Qualify to become a local chapter lead in your area (see below)
  • Level Up Programs

    Below are our current the level up programs

    10xSpeaker Mastermind Group

    Monthly mastermind groups to help you improve as a speaker, solve problems and overcome obstacles, build strategy, process, habits to drive results and success. Access to mastermind coach and group members for 24/7 support.

    Mastering Your Stage Keynotes

    We will cover how to get booked for keynotes and get paid for it, how to craft your keynote and how to deliver it effectively. Everything you need to know to grow your keynote speaking business.

    Building Your Speaker Business

    We will cover all aspects of your speaker business and the steps you need to take to build a thriving speaker business. From asset creation, to marketing, to funnel creation to negotiating deals. We cover everything you need to know and apply.

    Build Your Speaker Website and Media Kit

    We will build or improve your speaker website in one day so that it sells you as a speaker. And build a media kit so that you get more business.

    Giving Your First TEDx Talk

    We will cover how to get selected for your first TED talk. How to TEDify your story and deliver it in the most powerful way possible.

    Crafting Your Founders Story

    You will craft your founders origin story and learn to delivery it just like Steve Jobs.

    Creating Your Ideal Business Pitch

    As an entrepreneur, its important you win new business. We will craft your ideal business pitch and learn plus practice its perfect delivery.

    Agency Pitching for New Business

    As an agency owner or consultant, we will work on creating a pitch that wins new business every time. Crafting and delivering the perfect pitch to win new business and grow your agency.

    Using Linkedin to Drive More Business

    We will look at your linkedin strategy and help you create and implement a strategy and plan on linkedin to drive more business. This training will be given in collaboration with industry leading experts.

    Sales Negotiations and Closing Deals

    How to negotiate and close deals. This training will be given in collaboration with industry leading experts in sales, negotiation and deal making.

    Would you like to submit a request for a level up program? Contact us here

    More details on level up programs:

    • Pricing per level up program will vary per program. Generally programs will be priced from 97- EUR up to 997- EUR.
    • Delivery of programs will range from online webinars through to physical locations and from 2 hours up to full days.
    • Each program will be delivered multiple times per year so you have the best chances to participate.
    • Members can access programs at heavily discounted rates up to 75% discount. 
    • The first program per year is always free for members.
    • Member free & discounted tickets are transferable between events and people (yes, you can give it to a friend or colleague).
  • Local Chapter Leads

    Become a Chapter Lead in your area

    Enable your local community

    Facilitate and enable 10xSpeaker events in your area. From free 10xSpeaker training days to paid level-up programs with local enabling organisations and level up partners who offer training, coaching and programs designed to make our members and community better.


    Contact us to become a chapter lead in your area.


    Benefits for Chapter Leads:

    • Enable the 10xSpeaker movement if you share in our mission to awake the speaker in 1 million people on this planet. Starting with your local community.
    • Become an opportunity enabler and authority in your community. Build trust and respect with local community members, new participants, organisations and level up partners.
    • Drive new business for your endeavours through forging Meaningful Connections which ultimately drive growth, success, happiness and fulfilment.


    Happiness is found through the acquisition of relationships with yourself, others, places, brands and things.


    Fulfilment is found through giving back to others and starting with your local community is the best and most relevant place to start. Investing in the success and prosperity of your local community is the ultimate fulfilment driver.


    Are you ready to 10x your speaking career, adventurous journey and endeavours you have set for yourself?


    Become a 10xSpeaker chapter lead by contacting us.

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