• Awake the Speaker in You

    ... and one million people on this planet.

  • How this works


    Why we do it

    We believe that effective communication is the foundation for growth, success and happiness in life. Enabling your success will enable the success of the 10xSpeaker movement so that together, we positively impact the lives of 1 million people.


    What we offer

    10xSpeaker offers you the opportunity to acquire the mindset, knowledge, skills, practice and relationships you need to 10x your impact through powerful communication & speaking.


    What you get

    As a participant, you may join absolutely FREE speaker trainings. These are full-day intense professional speaker trainings (bring your sneakers!).


    How we do it

    We will facilitate a day, place and trainer(s) to transform you into the best speaker and communicator you can be. This is made possible by you, our trainers, enablers and partners. 100% FREE!


    Why is this free?

    We don’t optimise for profit. We optimise for value. Enabling your success will enable the success of this movement and enable us to bring this free training to 1 million people globally. Learn more.

  • Our 4 stakeholders

    Where we meet - we make a difference.

    Building Meaningful Connections (MC)

    Between Participants, Trainers, Enablers and Partners.

  • Who is this for?

    Thought Leaders & Change Agents

    Founders & Entrepreneurs

    Speakers & Communicators

    Consultants & Sales Reps

    Teachers & Students

    Young Talent & New Generation

    Trainers, Coaches & Mentors

    Enabling Organisations

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