Awake Your Speaker

Enabling your growth through powerful public speaking so that you get results.


How 10xSpeaker works

We offer a powerful 10 lesson online speaker course and the option to join our facebook community, online & physical speaker trainings, our accelerator & mastermind programs for group and personal coaching. We come together to learn, practice, share, connect & grow together.


  • How to overcome & embrace the fear of public speaking

  • Advanced techniques the pros use to present without slides

  • Storytelling and how to craft a story that influences behaviour

  • Creating and delivering a short keynote, TED talk or pitch

  • Crafting a powerful speech in minutes through an effective method.
  • Practical communication tips you can use in your everyday work and at home.

  • Being a more confident presenter & public speaker

  • Acquire more influence with meetings and presentations

  • Winning more business opportunities and sales pitches

  • Building your business through speaking.
  • Improved relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family

10xSpeaker training days are offered on a regular basis. We will announce these through email and social media. So keep a lookout for these announcements.


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