We are a community making a difference through speaking.

Why we do it?

Enabling you to awake your speaker so that you 10X your results through powerful speaking. Our ambition is to reach at least a million people like you with the best speaker training in the world absolutely free!

What is 10xSpeaker about?

A community designed to 10X your results through powerful speaking.


How we do it?

We offer a free online course, online coaching, masterminding and full-day 10xSpeaker trainings at low cost to make it accessible for anyone to join. We come together on these training days to learn, practice, share, connect & grow. You can access a blended (online & offline) learning experience through our membership with online coaching and mastermind calls and well as offline mastermind retreats through our accelerator program.

What's your Story?

Your story is your most valuable asset and needs to be freed to the world.


  • We organise spaces through hosts who make available an inspiring space at their venues.
  • We organise regular 10xSpeaker training days for 15 or more participants.
  • Hosts may open the day with an inspirational and visionary message to the group.
  • Hosts may have up to 25% of group filled with own employees, clients or partners.
  • All remaining spots are open to participants at a low cost and free for members.
  • There is ongoing support, online and offline courses and trainings, which you can access via the 10xSpeaker membership.

We have a business model which allows us to offer these full day speaker trainings at a low cost. 

  • How to overcome & embrace the fear of public speaking

  • Advanced techniques the pros use to present without slides

  • Storytelling and how to craft a story that influences behaviour

  • Creating and delivering a short keynote, TED talk or pitch

  • Crafting a powerful speech in minutes through an effective method.
  • Practical communication tips you can use in your everyday work and at home.

  • Being a more confident presenter & public speaker

  • Acquire more influence with meetings and presentations

  • Winning more business opportunities and sales pitches

  • Building your business through speaking.
  • Improved relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family

10xSpeaker training days are planned on the last Friday of each month with some variability in holiday periods. We will announce these on the website and through email, 10xSpeaker Linkedin and Facebook groups and social media feeds. So keep a lookout for these announcements. 


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