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Friday 26th of June from 9:00 - 17:30 in Leiden, the Netherlands.










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What you will get:

Full-Day Speaker Training

10 Lesson Online Course

Stage Time & Practice

Amazing Content & Exercises

Networking Opportunities

A day you will never forget! 

* Your ticket is valid for one year & transferable to any training day.


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Group & Students rates available.

We offer group rates of 149- EUR for organisations & communities, and student rates of 99- EUR for schools & universities. Inquire about accessing these rate by emailing me at [email protected]

Upcoming 10xSpeaker training days

Your ticket is valid one year and transferable to any upcoming training day.
You can select a date that suits you on the checkout page.

Friday 7th February at Het GoenOord in Leiden - COMPLETED

Friday 28th February at Het GoenOord in Leiden - SOLD-OUT

Friday 27th March - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

Thursday 23rd April - at Het GoenOord in Leiden -CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

Friday 29th May - at Het GoenOord in Leiden -CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

Friday 26th June - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED 

Friday 17th July - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED 

Friday 28th August - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED 

Friday 25th September - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED

Friday 30th October - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED  

Friday 27th November - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED 

Friday 18th December - at Het GoenOord in Leiden - CONFIRMED 



Het GroenOord (Work & Play)

This venue offers the perfect setting for a full-day 10xSpeaker training. It is stylish and inspiring! Parking is also included and it's a 5-10 minute walk from Leiden CS.

Training Day: You are welcome from 8:30am for a welcome breakfast. Training starts around 9:15am and ends around 17:30 followed by drinks and networking.

Address: Het GroenOord, Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2a, 2316 GB, Leiden.

Parking: If you are coming by car, navigate to “Leidatoweg 2” in Leiden, which will lead you to the venue parking entrance gate where you can ring the bell.

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What exactly will I learn from this event?

The 10xSpeaker full-day Speaker Training is combination of theory, practical application, team work and networking. Join us and be prepared to take loads of notes, to practice specific skills, and to participate in multiple Q&A sessions with Chris Baldwin and team throughout this full day event.

Some things you will learn:

  • Why stories are so powerful and how to use them to create influence.
  • How to break the ice with any audience.
  • How to overcome public speaking fear and nervousness.
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid whenever you speak to an audience.
  • How to create powerful attraction and authority as a speaker.
  • How to use speaking to promote your business, products or services.
  • Advanced techniques the pros use to present without slides
  • Creating and delivering a short keynote, TED talk or pitch.
  • Crafting a powerful speech in minutes through an effective method.
  • Practical communication tips you can use in your everyday work and at home.


Hi! My name is Chris Baldwin and I am fully committed to enabling you to build your influence & business through powerful speaking, presentations and pitching.

After having delivered 100’s of keynotes for global brands like Microsoft, Google & Facebook, I realised one thing - the power and value of your story!

What if you could come to the same realisation? Or maybe you have it already and just need some help putting it to work?

I enable you to develop the courage, mindset and skill to grow your influence, career and business through powerful speaking.

As the founder of 10xSpeaker, I am recognised as one of the fastest growing speakers in the Netherlands, a seasoned International keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, event host and serial entrepreneur with a PhD in Medicine.

Join me and let me help you on your journey.

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We have a business model which allows us to offer these full day speaker trainings at a low cost. Your ticket covers a full day professional speaker training that will help you improve your speaking and presentation skills. Some of you will want to develop your skills further. For this we have a membership that gives you access to more advanced training days and coaching calls. More will explained on the training day.

  • Being a more confident presenter & public speaker

  • Acquire more influence with meetings and presentations

  • Winning more business opportunities and sales pitches

  • Building your business through speaking.
  • Improved relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family

10xSpeaker training days are planned in the last week (often a Friday) of each month with some variability in holiday periods. We will announce these on the website and through email, 10xSpeaker Linkedin and Facebook groups and social media feeds. So keep a lookout for these announcements. 

Your ticket covers all food & refreshment costs throughout the day.

Your ticket is valid for one year. If you can't make the day you purchased the ticket for, we hold these events monthly so you can simply join an upcoming event.

Members can bring a friend at no extra charge. 

Payments are processed via Stripe with most major Credit Cards. IDEAL and other forms of payments should be available on checkout pages or can be arranged on request. Please get in touch at [email protected] 

You will receive an invoice with VAT. VAT can be claimed back through your company. Also, ask your employer as they may subsidise you for this training and you can claim it back through an expense.

All tickets are valid for one year and transferable to any full-day 10xSpeaker training. If you need to cancel or wish to claim a refund please contact us by answering any of the emails you receive.


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