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Organizations need entrepreneurs who dare to challenge the complex quests of our world. STUDIO.WHY equips talents with a mindset to drive innovation and change with sustainable impact. We train people and organizations towards an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Het GroenOord

Op vijf minuten lopen van station Leiden Centraal: het GroenOord. Flexibele werkplekken die uitnodigen maar ook uitdagen. Waar werelden elkaar raken, beïnvloeden en versterken. Waar je groepsgewijs kunt (eet)vergaderen, focussen, leren en groeien of een time-out kunt ervaren op de skate-ramp. Waar het gras groener is dan op welke werkplek in Leiden dan ook. Werkplekken die werkelijk flexibel zijn. Kom het ontdekken bij het GroenOord!

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  • For sponsoring hosts, you get to showcase your company, vision, workplace to potential new talent, partners, trainers and coaches.
  • You get to meet and see this talent in action and participate yourself.
  • If desired, we can match talent in your industry to attend your event. So this can also work as a meet & greet for talent acquisition.
  • You get to enable a group of ambitious career driven people to improve their communication skills and share in our mission.
  • You get to empower your own employees through participation in the training by professional trainers and coaches.
  • If desired, you get to tell your story through an interview with the founder of 10xSpeaker, which will generate content for blogs, videos and podcast to share on social media and help spread your stories. Our community will help to promote this content.

Yes. We can build a custom version to fit your needs as an organisation.

Yes. If you host a 10xSpeaker training day, you get to participate for up to 25% of the group. Groups are typically 20-40 people in size.

Yes. Effective communication is one of the most important skill any student can acquire. We will help you with that. Get in touch.


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