The 4 things that will transform your speaking forever.

I learned a lot of lessons along my journey as a professional speaker. And many of these lessons I teach now in the speaking and communication trainings I give as well as through the free public speaking course I offer through 10xSpeaker. I don’t believe you need to know everything about speaking to be a powerful speaker.


Some people will try to arm themselves with everything they can get access to before going out there and starting to deliver powerful speeches that move people and drive action. I believe the best way to learn is through doing. And I also believe that knowledge means nothing unless you apply it. What’s the point of knowledge in your head if you don’t do anything with it? 


So I decided to distill everything I know about giving a powerful talk down into 4 key components that make up 80% (or more) of what you need to know to get started and deliver a powerful speech. These are the 4 biggest lessons I can give you that will impact...

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How to Become an Incredible Public Speaker with these 7 Mindsets

The 7 Mindsets on How to Become a Incredible Public Speaker


On my journey to become a better public speaker, I developed a number of mindsets that acted as commandments for me on how to act in certain situations. They are a decision making framework and empower decision making so that you make the right choices that will lead you to becoming the best public speaker you can be.


These mindsets helped me to make choices on how to deal with certain situations and how to prioritise what to focus my attention on. They are really designed to transform anyone into the best public or keynote speaker they can be.  


These mindsets were acquired from paying close attention to the needs, wants and desires of the people I worked with along my journey as a professional speaker. Always learning at every point of the way from others, their experiences, their philosophy and their stories on their journeys. I always say there is no right or wrong, there is only...

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