How to consistently win speaking deals and get 25-100% more than the budget allocation.

Hi there,

Chris Baldwin here (Founder of 10xSpeaker) with my very first blog post on In time I would like many of our community members to share the insights and methods they learned on their journey as a speaker. For now, here is one of mine.

Here is my secret on how I consistently win speaking deals and get 25-100% more then the budget allocation of the event manager. This is how to get higher fees as a keynote speaker while delivering even more value for the event and its participants.

As a speaker, you get approached by an event manager/producer who are considering you as their speaker. The most important thing to do at this stage is LISTEN.

Listen deeply and become aware of their choice of words. The words they use are key to understanding their motivation.

I try to answer these 4 questions through good questioning. The first 3 are critical and the 4th is only if I feel they already know how I can help them. If they answer this 4th question, there is no...

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